2019 China Refrigeration Exhibition

发布日期:2019-04-17 15:19

2019 China Refrigeration Exhibition, which lasted for 3 days, ended perfectly in Shanghai. During the exhibition, MESAN Cooling Tower attracted many domestic and foreign customers and peers to understand, learn and communicate with its professional technology sharing and high-quality services.

The “COOLGREENTM” -- cooling tower integrated control solution launched by MESAN at this exhibition has received a warm response. The solution is to implement overall real-time monitoring and control of the entire cooling tower system, which can maximize operating benefits, reduce operating costs and routine maintenance downtime, while meeting water-saving requirements.

  The VAF filtration system was demonstrated on site. This system is used in conjunction with the basin cleaning system to filter impurities in the water, effectively exert the strengthening effect of water treatment and minimize the microorganisms such as Legionella in the water system, creating a green and clean high-quality water system. surroundings.

In addition, we set up open professional courses at the booth to share project cases and professional solutions on the spot.

MESAN is committed to providing green and energy-saving integrated solutions for sustainable development. In the future development, MESAN will continue to uphold the spirit of professionalism and provide our customers with high-quality products and services. Thank you for your support and attention to MESAN Group.

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